Beware of Fraud

To all site visitors and Russian oil companies counter parties.

It has come to our attention that certain parties have begun using names and business reputation of Russian oil and gas companies as the basis for their attempts at fraud. Generally the fraudsters offer to set up partnership with the company, promising outstanding business growth and returns in a very short timeframe and with only a minor investment.
Some of these offers have begun to appear on the Internet. Typically these are offers to broker contracts in exchange for an upfront fee. To create the illusion of affiliation with Russian companies, these offers often contain links to the well-known oil comnpanies corporate sites and provide real contact details, even to the extent of using personal contact details for oil companies management.

These offers and announcements are in no way associated with Russian oil and gas companies.

Russian oil companies only set up partnerships in person with representatives from partner organizations. They do not communicate or offer guarantees to counter parties in documents sent by email.

To avoid any financial loss, please look out for the signs of fraud listed below. You may be dealing with fraudsters if:

1. You receive an emailed offer to partner with Russian oil company or its subsidiaries. Email attachments may include a draft contract or sample purchase order (ICPO) and bank reference. Oil companies and its subsidiaries do not send out this kind of offer and do not offer supply guarantees over the Internet or by email nor do they grant such powers to third parties.
2. You are offered better than market conditions and a significant profit.
3. Before officially signing the contract, you are asked to transfer money to cover certain services, such as handling some form of paperwork (visas, invitations, permits), contract authentication or activation with state bodies or ministries (n.b. this is not required by Russian legislation), covering transportation fees or organizing a trip for a delegation from your company to visit Russia for a supposed meeting in the Moscow office of the company to sign the contract (Table Talk Meeting — ТТМ), etc.

If you are the victim of fraud, please report the crime to the police.

Russian Consulate highly recommends that you ignore any suspicious business proposals. On no account should you transfer any money.

Examine business proposals carefully and do not transfer money to anyone.