Opening a representative office in Russia

List of Documents for Opening a Representative Office

  • Documents required for issuing a permission to a foreign company for the opening of a representative office in the Russian Federation
  • A foreign company seeking to open its representative office in the Russian Federation must submit to the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
  • A written application signed by the foreign company head specifying the name of the company, date of establishment, location, line of activity, management and control bodies representing the company according to its Articles of Association, goals of the representative office opening, information about business relations with Russian partners, development cooperation prospects, address, telephone number, fax of the representative office in the Russian Federation (or preliminary address and telephone/fax).
  • Articles of Association or Incorporation papers of the company.
  • Registration papers or an extract from the Trade Register or any other evidence of the fact that the company was registered according to the adopted procedure.
  • The company’s decision to open a representative office in the Russian Federation.
  • Representative Office Regulations that define the internal rules, rights and obligations of a representative office in respect to the foreign company (which has to be agreed on with the Department for work with foreign legal entities and their representative offices of the RF CCI).
  • A recommendation letter of a bank serving the company, with the indication of information on the company’s financial reputation.
  • Two recommendation letters from Russian business partners (one recommendation can be from a regional chamber of commerce and industry).
  • Power of attorney for the head of a representative office drawn according to all required procedures.
  • Details card about a representative office of a foreign legal entity in the Russian Federation.

If a foreign company already has an accredited representative office, to obtain a permit for opening other representative offices in the Russian Federation, a foreign company should produce only the documents specified in paragraphs 1, 4, 5 and 7.

The official documents listed in paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, with corresponding seals of notary institutions of the country a foreign company was registered in, should be legalized in accordance with the Hague convention of 1961 by an apostil or through the procedure of consular legalization at a consular institution of the Russian Federation, unless it is otherwise stated by the international agreements of the Russian Federation.

Documents written in foreign languages should have a corresponding translation into Russian attached to them, which is authenticated according to the established procedure.

A representative of a foreign company acting as its spokesman at negotiations on the opening of a representative office, should submit a power of attorney for opening a representative office, authenticated by a notary, to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

If for the opening of a representative office a foreign company needs to have, according to the laws of the country of its registration, a special permit from state institutions, then the copy of such permit, authenticated and legalized by a notary, should be attached to the application.

A foreign company, in addition to the above information and documents, should provide any other information about its activities pursuant to the inquiry of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.