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Translation of Documents

Documents drawn up in the Hong Kong SAR, PRC in the English language may be accepted in the Russian Federation with the provision of a certified translation of such a document into the Russian language.

The translation must be made from the full text of the document to be translated and must be completed by signatures. The translation, placed on a sheet (sheets) separate from the original, is attached to the original document (sewn), authenticated by the signature of the consul and the official stamp of the consular establishment. When signing the translation, the translator indicates his authority and certifies that he is competent in the English and Russian languages. The validating endorsement is placed under the texts of the document and its translation.

Forms of Certification of Faithfulness of a Translation

The consul completes a protocol of certification of faithfulness of a translation of a document from one language into another if the consul is fluent in the relevant language. This is done in cases in which the translation was either done by the consul, or has been carefully checked by him against the original.

Forms of Certification of Faithfulness of the translator’s signature

The consul certifies the authenticity of the translator’s signature on a translation if the translation of a document has been done by a translator, known to the consul, who holds the appropriate certification (certificate, diploma, accreditation) and who has certified the translation with his validating endorsement.

List of our certified translators

Ms. Katherine MOSTOVAYA

Tel. 6103 6110